Make Your Blog Work For You – Plug It!

The often suggested way to handle these troublemakers is to simply block their Access to your website. All you have to do is make some changes into your htaccess file, you can find the codes from web, that you will have to enter in your htaccess file.

The downside for this option is the need to upgrade your installation as and when WordPress issues a new version – which can be all too frequently. I set up a new blog last week using Fantastico, but that was the last but one version. I then had to upgrade it to the latest which has today been superseded by yet another version.

Search engines also prefer simple sites. Because it’s best to keep it simple you could build either a plain, easy to read HTML site or you could use the popular wordpress platform to build your sites. Keeping it simple means you should avoid using flash as well as images that take up a lot of bandwidth. You (and the search engines) want your website to load as quickly as possible.

If you have a talent for graphics, and intend to build your own custom blog template, the free platforms generally won’t suffice. You will need standalone blogging software and a real host. It’s silly to cut corners if you are an advanced designer.

Some plugins will go with your blog files and content. But, for some blogs slight tweaking is necessary to make the new plugins to work. The tweaking should be done in content, files and data base. So, before tweaking and installing your new plugin, take the backup of your existing files and data base. Once you have installed the plugin and carried out the modifications, once again you should backup the files.

You need a survey tool so you can do forms and run surveys. I have tried them all but I think Wufoo is the best. Best reports, easy to use, more flexible and great design.

It’s important to realize that a blog can be formatted to look like a traditional website. So, if a journal format does not make sense for your small business, don’t worry, on any good blogging platform such as WordPress, you can quite easily change the appearance and layout of your blog.