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The Timeless American Barbecue

Making barbecues. It shows so much about American culture. Making barbecue is an essential part of the American home. The nation’s history is greatly influenced by many factors. The rise of the barbecue can be attributed to regional differences. Factors such as meat, spices, and even garnishes have all developed what barbecue is today. Grilling is different. Grilling is all things quick and fast. To make the perfect barbecue, you need to be patient and creative. The smokey flavor of barbecue is because of the way it is cooked. You start of with a slab of meat then after you barbecue it, you have a delicious-tasting meal.

Barbecue was first used in the South where they had so many pigs to cook. They separated the meat. The best parts were given to the rich and the other parts were given to the poor. They got difficult parts to cook such as the ribs. Meal time changed forever once the secret to cooking the tough parts was discovered. Cooking outdoors was the best option during this time. This gave birth to the barbecue pit. A slow fire from coal in a pit was the most important part of the barbecue pit.

Grilling is an essential part of the history of American meal time. Grilling is also a big part of the American summer. On the other hand, the art of barbecue is also filled with a history of diversity. Delicious barbecue can be found in 4 major areas. These can all be found in the South. We can thank these cities for making the barbecue we know and love today.
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The history of the rich and poor that was talked about above refers to North Carolina. Pork is the star of barbecue from North Carolina. The key ingredient is pork shoulders. It is affordable and can be cooked easily. Sandwiches made out of barbecue are the best. Some areas make pulled pork out of the whole pig! There is one thing you should know about using the whole pig: the end result is phenomenal! The sauce serves as a finishing touch for the already delicious meal. Thin sauce is preferred for these types of meals. There are many ways to make sauce. Cole slaw caps off the sandwich well by balancing the flavor.
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The end of the Civil War meant the start of the spread of the knowledge of barbecue. They took with them the skill of making the perfect barbecue. Memphis is one city that was influenced by the first fathers and mothers of barbecue. The high foot traffic of people demanded new means of providing food. The demand caused rib racks to be born. Ribs were more practical and fed more people. Thus, Memphis rib racks became mainstream. With Memphis ribs, the way to go is either wet or dry. Towards the last stage of cooking wet ribs, thick sauce is added. And there’s even more sauce served with the wet ribs. Dry ribs feature thin vinegar on top. After this, it is seasoned with a rub. Dry ribs also include sauce. A stiff rack of ribs means it is not yet done. If the ribs bend, then that means that you’re done with your barbecued ribs. If the ribs don’t stay together and fall apart, they are over-done. A real barbecue master will tell you that over-done ribs aren’t as good as perfectly done ribs even if some people like their ribs over-done.

We’re done talking about North Carolina and Memphis. We move on to Texas and Kansas City.

When you think of Texas, you might also think of barbecue. Cattle is a big source of income in Texas. There is a huge population of cattle in Texas which means there is a lot of beef. Cowboys and people from Texas need to eat. They ate what they had a lot of – beef. There are many types of beef dishes in Texas but the most popular is the brisket. Brisket is made out of tough meat but with proper cooking, it melts in your mouth. Unlike what you normally see, real brisket has a huge chunk of fat in it. The secret to good brisket is to make the fat from the top layer melt over the meat. The drippings will then be collected by a drip pan. The drippings are the key ingredient of the sauce. Bread can accompany the brisket in the meal. Don’t worry about the leftovers, they can be used for sandwiches! Your preference in sauce can elevate the dish. Mesquite is used to smoke the beef but if you don’t have mesquite, you can always improvise.

While Texas was having a grand time with their beef, the north and the east were having a shortage of it. So many strong men tried to get beef no matter how far they had to travel. At the end of the road, the beef reached Kansas City. Barbecue finally reached Kansas City. Kansas City had this gift of combining all methods of barbecuing. There was a great variety of meat in Kansas. Even turkey was included! And because there were many hickory trees, they used it to smoke the meat.

The sauce is all the matters in comparing Kansas and Memphis barbecues. Tomato or vinegar are what makes most sauces. Some restaurants, in order to define themselves, elevate their side dishes by serving dishes such as corn pudding.

At present, many countries all over the world are familiar with barbecue. Grills are often used to cook barbecue. It takes a lot of patience to master the art of barbecuing.