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The Major Benefits of Single Market. The European Union came up with The Single Market Strategy of removing all the internal borders and regulatory obstacles within its member countries to enable free movement of goods and services.A Commission was formed whose main goal was to ensure free movement of goods within the markets. The procedure of assessment for each product is outlined in the product legislation, thus for a product to be allowed to the market it has to meet all the legislative requirements. The Commission has to ensure that the non food products on the EU market do not cause health hazards to the consumers and workers.The EU provides the required materials such as the infrastructures, clear rules, streamlined procedures, to ensure that the market surveillance is able to enable them enforce EU legislation. There is no countries will be able to engage in free trade without common units of measurements. The Commission, in 2008 came up with the New Legislative Framework that had clear rules for the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies as well as rules that better protected the consumers and workers from unsafe products in the market, including the imports from non-EU countries.The Commission has to take charge in both harmonized sectors and non-harmonized sectors.
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These conditions include and not limited to; rules that are more transparent, standards that are coherent, impartiality certification and compatible market surveillance measures.Service provision is also part of trade.The Single Market has also seen to it that there is free movement of professionals
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EU allows retail and wholesale service sectors to operate in their countries.Therefore, Single Market stimulates competition and trade.Efficiency has also improved in terms of the trade. At the same time, even imported products too have to conform to these standards, thus the consumers are well protected. If you look at all the EU countries you will realize there level of technology is at par, because the Single Market strategy has enabled people in these countries feel free to share and impact technological knowledge among themselves. This is because the product that are sold in all EU markets are of the same quality at any given time, then they have been tested and certified. For instance a kilo of Sugar in Germany, is the same as a kilo of sugar in Austria and they cost the same Euros. The legislation rules has helped to see no harmful products can access the markets such as drugs. Single Market has also helped to increase specialization both in production of goods and services. The non-members are Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.