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WordPress – 6 Ways To Make Money Using WordPress Platform

As a conclusion, I would say that WordPress is only slightly ahead in terms of optimization for search engines, and building large amounts of traffic.

It is worth your time and effort to look around for a good host, one that won’t charge you separately for WordPress. You can find many reviews for hosting companies to help you in your search for a quality web host. Some of the best hosts out there are 1&1, Host Gator and i personally use eHostPros.

On the other hand, WordPress dot ORG is the preferred platform (of the two versions) of most internet professionals. But it takes some work to get set up and running.

Now you’ll want to download the files from WordPress (there are super easy instructions on the WordPress website about how to do this). Then, take these same files and upload them into your hosting account at GoDaddy, Host Gator, or wherever you have your site hosted. And, if you get stuck on this, GoDaddy’s staff will help you for free – just give their customer service number a call!

If there was a plugin that can benefit any internet marketer, it would be Google Analyticator. What’s cool about this plugin is you don’t need to put code everywhere on your site in order to track your visitors. A lot of people say that you can’t get more reliable web stats than you can from Google Analytics. Of course any idiot knows that in order to benefit from this you’ll need to pay attention to it. If you forget to insert the code for tracking it won’t work at all. There is nothing at all to install in order for the Google Analyticator to track for you.

The first thing a lot of you probably know already is that you should have the keyword or keyword phrase inside the URL of the website. This actually also goes for blogs as many bloggers target a separate keyword for every post they create. This is extremely easy to do with a wordpress platform as you can change the link while your writing your post.

Today’s blogs are still being used for online diaries but even more are being created every day for a myriad of purposes. Politicians use blogs to tell their constituents what they stand for. Journalists are blogging the news as it happens. Celebrities, like actors and authors, are keeping in touch with their fanbase. Businesses use blogs to inform their customers of new products and developments.

The popularity of blogging really began to take off in the late 90s when software was created just to facilitate the ease of creating and maintaining a blog. OpenDiary created the first blog community in 1998 and introduced interactivity by allowing readers to be able to comment. In 1999, was launched and this service was to bring blogs to the masses.