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WordPress 3.1 Is Now Available; First Release Day 23 February 2011

The plus side of the dot ORG option is that you have total control. You can maintain your blog system yourself, back it up, download a copy for safekeeping and easily install any extras you want (plugins, themes etc) using FTP. You also benefit from it being called whatever you choose. You can migrate it from one host to another and keep the domain should the need arise.

You may not be very geeky, but you still like doing things yourself. Paid templates might be the way for you. They allow you plug-and-play capability (as long as you don’t mind most of your capture pages coming out looking identical), and you can make small changes yourself without having to learn much HTML. And they require only a small, one-time fee.

Setting up you blog is simple and I recommending you using a hosting service that provide you with the Cpanel. It provides Fantastico which i personally use to install my blog in the wordpress platform. All you need to do in you cpanel is click here and there and your domain will host your blog in no time at all. After you blog is up and running, you are officially in the game of blogging.

With your self-hosted WordPress blog you can choose to monetize it using various revenue sharing services such as Google AdSense & In-Text advertising. You may also want to sell advertising space on your blog at a later date should you wish to.

Website scripting isn’t necessary. The user interface is simple to use. There is also the possibility of managing the site remotely, albeit slightly more advanced.

There’s no doubt that it’s easier to get started with Google adsense if you have a Blogger account. In fact you can now apply for Adsense from within a Blogger account. Not entirely surprising considering the fact that both are owned by the same company.

Programming language became extremely easy to use. Microsoft released development tools that not only allowed the programmer to easily work in PHP and MySQL, but also allowed the programmer to host a WordPress website locally. They opened doors for countless new programmers. Fresh new premium theme content was introduced into the market. This drove years of WP theme technology breakthroughs.