Version 2- Multiple New Features Including List Building Technology!

“TRANSFORM Web Sites Into LEAD GENERATING Machines Using This TRAFFIC CONVERTING Plugin!…PROVEN technology just got even better….”

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“Thanks for putting out such a great lead generating product. Version 1 was good and had some awesome features. Wow, version 2 is even greater!”
Art Di Segna, Existing Customer

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Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

Kevin Docherty here and welcome to WP Connect Version 2!

When a potential customer lands on your site, you have a small window of time to ensure they can connect with you INSTANTLY…..

WordPressWe’ve all been there before- how many times have you landed on a site, found it difficult to find a quick way to make contact, before then moving onto the next site? I know I have. And for the site owner that means ANOTHER lost sale.

connectIt is ESSENTIAL that you offer your site visitors seamless and multi-channel contact points. If they don’t, or worse, can’t get in touch then you’ve just LOST business.

….But this means having to provide lots of DIFFERENT OPTIONS….!

Customers want to be able to make contact in different ways. This could involve the ability to:

  • Access contact details from any page
  • See a map/directions
  • Request to be called back
  • Quickly book appointments

  • Call directly from within the site
  • Use social media
  • Opt in for promotions
  • Access via their smartphone

shopping cartThe list goes on…in today’s modern world, users demand convenience, simplicity and easy interaction….but how do you cater for these “demands” without over complicating your site?….

How do you ensure that these potential customers are never more than 1 CLICK AWAY from being able to get in touch?….

WP Connect is how….

This WordPress plugin creates many ways in which traffic can contact you by providing highly convenient, “floating” buttons on your site…when clicked, splash screens appear unveiling an impressive array of LEAD GENERATING tools like a Call Back feature (see below!).

The total convenience and easy interaction these tools provide literally “entice” visitors to reach out to you- which means you’re going to convert a lot more of them into customers!.

walletNot only that but you can sell this to local businesses and charge a fee to add the functionality to their website (The development rights allow you to charge whatever you like).

No hard pitching required, just an easy sell – and you can find the businesses from the comfort of your home or sell to your established list of clients. Its a no brainer!

listDON’T LET LEADS SLIP AWAY! Check out all of the available features by clicking PLAY….

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“I just wanted to say that this looks like a ridiculously cool, handy plugin. At the price it is at, its a no-brainer. I will have re-couped that cost with the first client – which means I get to use it on *my* site for free!.”
Duncan Elliott,

WP Connect Logo (Final)-01_smallOffline business consultants and site owners need to check this out. Are you… 

  • An internet Marketer looking for tools to help build lists?
  • An Offline business owner looking to enhance your customer service whilst adding ways to passively capture new leads?
  • Struggling to convert visitors into Sales?
  • Looking to add booking/scheduling capabilities to your site?
  • Wanting to add a professional and modern looking contact hub- including all the latest social media?
  • Aiming to impress your visitors with a modern way to get in touch- even adding your own customized graphics? This will impress them!
  • Looking for flexibility in how you’d like your customers to reach out to you- without overcrowding your site with too many buttons!?
  • Or even better- maybe you’re an offline business consultant- and want to add simple but highly effective sales tools to your clients sites? AND ONES THEY WILL LOVE!

WP Connect provides all of these capabilities- and because it’s a plugin, you just simply install it, take 5 minutes to configure, then let it do all of the hard work! Your internet traffic is never more than one click away from becoming a sale! 


Check out ANOTHER of the KILLER FEATURES WP Connect 2 offers…. 

WP Connect provides 1 click CALL BACK that can be accessed from ANYWHERE within the site at ANYTIME…no more interupted navigation, scrolling to find a link, leaving the page you are on, launching you email, then finding your way back….etc etc

….WP Connect provides an instant UI for a user to enter their number…not only is this data stored in the site back-end but WP Connect emails the data straight to the site owner…LEAD GENERATED!

 …Convenient to both customer and business owner, what more could you ask for?…

Call back diagram

tickThe flexibility this offers and types of business this will benefit are endless…

….Imagine a plumber waiting in his van for the next job…”Beep”- his smartphone receives a new email with a potential client request (and their telephone number): “Please call me after 3pm as I need a new quote on a broken drain”…POTENTIAL SALE!

…Envisage an independent financial adviser who now has a new potential client asking to be called back for some advice “Can you call me after 5pm to discuss pension options” – POTENTIAL SALE!

…If you look after other peoples sites, just integrating this ONE feature will SERIOUSLY IMPRESS THEM…

 …And guess what? Some of the world’s leading internet companies use this EXACT type of technology…

 That’s right, you’ve probably seen these floating buttons before. Bloomberg are a classic example as are eBay. These guys use this type of interactive technology for a reason- they know it works, they’ve tested it and no doubt spent as lot of money developing it!

These buttons are “non invasive” yet always present so that users are never too many clicks or pages away from being able to interact with the site…and that’s the whole point!..these sites WANT their users to interact….

………WP Connect leverages this modern approach- but takes it to the next level!….interaction = leads= sales!




Check out the powerful features that WP Connect provides….

Perspective Button - Stop


  • Up to 5 “floating buttons” on the sidebar that stay in same position when the page is scrolled up/down- EASY, ACCESSIBLE and CONVENIENT
  • Each button is text/color configurable and all can be switched on/off
  • An attention grabbing graphic points to whatever button you choose! (can turn this off in settings)
  • Or customize using your own graphics to GRAB a users attention
  • Add exclusions if you want them switched off on certain pages

But that’s just the start…these “non invasive” but easy to access buttons allow users to launch some VERY POWERFUL LEAD GENERATING tools….




  • Button 1 launches the call back feature! Users can leave their number and/or message and request to be called back. WP Connect will instantly email you with the details- LEAD GENERATED!
  • Button 2 launches the ability to book appointments by integrating with your booking service provider (you will be shown a FREE provider in the members area)- LEAD OR SALE GENERATED!
  • Button 3 launches an integration to Skype and Google Maps!
  • Button 4 launches a promotions and SMS opt-in screen- for those looking to advertise specials and/or offer SMS opt-in-why not start a campaign!- MORE LEAD GENERATION!
  • Button 5 BUILDS LISTS by integrating to well known email auto-responders. GREAT for your business!
  • Integration to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter      

And what’s more….it’s EASY TO SET UP.




  • Easy to install 
  • Simple configuration options in WordPress means you can customize what contact options you want made available. Whether you just want 1 button available with a few contact details or a complete contact hub, you decide.
  • Developer license available so you can add to your client sites- THEY WILL LOVE THIS!!!
  • Add custom graphics to personalize your buttons!


idea….more examples of businesses (AND CUSTOMERS) that would benefit from some of these features…..

.…Imagine the personal trainer always on the road visiting clients…by integrating her available scheduling to the WP Connect “Booking Splash”, she can be offline and still have her diary taken care of!..or the hairdresser, the beautician, the music teacher!…convenience to both client and business!….

….What about all the local restaurants looking to advertise daily specials?..they could use JUST the “Promotions” splash -and capture numbers for SMS campaigns!….SALES and REPEAT SALES….

…how about the new local car mechanic wanting to build a relationship with his clients…he could add a photo of himself holding a sign and pointing to his contact details…personalization to help build trust!

….What about outsourcing a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT..use the “Skype Splash” and have someone take care of any calls whilst you’re out!….

Check out these screenshots!….




There is now a FIFTH Button that launches email capturing software!!!! 


Each button when clicked, INSTANTLY launches a splash screen to provide a variety of contact options….like a very neat CALL BACK FEATURE!!….

Splash Screen 1

…Or the ability to BOOK APPOINTMENTS!

Splash Screen 2

…A very convenient integration to SKYPE and GOOGLE MAPS!….

Splash Screen 3

….or even advertise PROMOTIONS or start a VIRAL SMS Campaign!…

Splash Screen 4

splash 5

….TOTAL PERSONALIZATION TO INCREASE CONVERSIONS! Add your own custom graphics or call to action to point at the buttons!….This could be floating or transparent, you name it…a tutorial in the members area shows you exactly how using any JPEG/PNG.

Custom Graphic 1

Custom Graphic alien

“I am really impressed with the software. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing leads slip by and this software will help to prevent that. I will be installing it as soon as possible and look forward to recommending it to my other clients…”
Ky Wilkinson,

WP Connect Logo (Final)-01_smallNon-invasive and highly convenient tools that surface multi-channel lead AND list generating options. From integration to Google Maps and Skype, to providing an automated call back feature, appointment booking capability and SMS Opt Ins for campaigns, this brand new plugin is fully customizable. Even add your own custom graphics for that extra personal touch!…

When you secure your copy of WP Connect today, you’ll also get all of these benefits:


Membership site


  • Exclusive Access to the Members’ Area where you’ll have access to the latest software, download instructions and video tutorials . We are also shaping the next release based purely on customer feedback so you will be able to submit enhancements here too.
  • LIFETIME Support and FREE upgrades- you’ll automatically be sent the latest version of the software as soon as it becomes available
  • Regular updates and helpful information will be sent to your email provided
  • Additional bonus information- where to access the best and TOTALLY FREE scheduling providers- integrating this technology to your business will enhance your business and help you in a big way.
  • How to customize any graphics into transparent pngs- access to TOTALLY FREE resources.

This is your chance to get on board completely RISK FREE.


My Personal Guarantee

If, at any time during the first 30 days, you aren’t thrilled with WP Connect, you’ll receive a full refund. And you can also keep your downloads and training materials that are waiting for you inside the Members’ Area! You literally have nothing to lose and the risk is ALL on me, as it should be.



(Please ensure you read the end user resell rights agreement in the FAQ section below)

 Take your or your client’s business to the next level and I look forward to seeing you inside the WP Connect Members’ Area

Kind Regards

Kevin Docherty

Me pic








P.S. This is 100% RISK FREE – you’ve got nothing to lose- but A LOT to gain! :)

P.P.S Sell this on to another customer and you could more than double your investment with one sale!

Feel free to contact me on either support(at) or give me a call on Skype: kev_docherty



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