10 WordPress entertaining plugins

This is how the list of the most entertaining plugins for WordPress looks like.

There are many entertaining plugins that will make your website a more entertaining place to visit.

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15 Hot Brands Employing WordPress

Before building a blog or website for business, people sometimes hesitate whether or not to use WordPress.

More than 74 million websites around the globe are built on WordPress. The number grows continually.

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WordPress is undoubtedly the leader among content management systems used on the modern web. Based on the latest statistics, almost quarter of the popular websites enjoy advantages provided by WordPress. This CMS is so popular because it is open, free, and combines the benefits of both PHP and MySQL. Besides, WordPress can be easily customized. For this reason, many templates, themes, including absolutely free, are developed and uploaded online.
WordPress was initially released in May, 2003. It adopted many features from b2, another CMS. The creators of WordPress are Mike Little and Matt Mullenwag. Through the course of its existence, WordPress has been developing promptly. It was improved in terms of design and security, while numerous new valuable features were added. According to one of the company’s representatives, the future of WordPress lies in mobile and social fields. Besides, the CMS might be also used in the capacity of an application platform.
Given how much attention WordPress draws, it is not surprising that many websites dedicated to this CMS were organized. This website is one of those. If you a WordPress developer or just interested in the system, you will find many useful information on this wp connect website. Wpconnect appears to be a place where you can find plenty of helpful tips for WordPress users and other interested people. Whether you are a WordPress professional, beginner, or just interested in web development person, wpu connect will become a valuable source of information.
So, what can one find here? First off, updated information on how WordPress develops. This CMS has not reached its full potential yet, so it very important for everyone to understand what new is introduced by the CMS developers. Secondly, wp connect offers you plug-ins, templates and themes. These elements are useful to improve your website and draw more visitors. Thirdly, on wpconnect you will discover top of the hosting, tutorials, and frequently asked questions and answers on how to develop a WordPress website. To summarize, wpu connect provides you will all the necessary tools to create and maintain a successful WordPress website.

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